Featured Projects

From world-class entertainment facilities to sprawling automotive plants to numerous projects at major universities, W.J. O’Neil has provided outstanding mechanical engineering and construction services to clients for over 28 years. The featured projects below exemplify the scope, quality and diversity of our work.

Ford Field

W.J. O’Neil Company was the contractor for the complete HVAC and plumbing systems at the stadium, home of the Detroit Lions. The HVAC included the installation of 38 air handling unit and exhaust fans for ventilation. Plumbing included the restroom facilities, stadium clubs, and a beverage conduit system to all the concession areas. more

Comerica Park

W.J. O’Neil Company was the mechanical contractor for the plumbing system and held the subcontracts for the sheet metal, temperature controls, and insulation. The six-month project also included the plumbing for the concessions and all the kitchens. The toilet rooms were fabricated in our Livonia fab shop. We completed the project ahead of schedule. more

Detroit Metro Airport

W.J. O’Neil Company was the prime contractor for the complete mechanical systems for the FAA air traffic control tower at Detroit Metro Airport. We were responsible for all the plumbing, HVAC and temperature control work in the three-story building. All the plumbing was fabricated in our Livonia fab shop and delivered to the job site. more

One Detroit Center

W.J. O’Neil Company designed and installed an advanced control strategy enabling the building owners to optimize the use of all systems resulting in a 24% savings on all major utilities. We installed a state-of-the-art web-based energy management system on every piece of equipment in the HVAC system and Variable Frequency Drives on all the major air handling systems. more

MichCon Willow Run

W.J. O’Neil Company was the General Contractor for a new Compressor Station that housed a 4,700 hp reciprocating gas compressor as part of a 24-mile gas main. We installed 3,500 feet of underground 24” and 20” gas mains to the Main Compressor building. We also constructed three buildings, and engineered the design for the HVAC system including the temperature controls. more

Volkswagen Plant

W.J. O’Neil Company won contracts to fabricate and install utility piping at the automaker’s new automotive plant under construction in Chattanooga. The piping system will deliver gas, air, chilled water, hot water, and steam throughout the plant more

GM - Delta

W.J. O’Neil Company was the mechanical contractor for the central utility complex for the Delta Township plant. We installed and piped chillers, boilers, and air compressors. We also provided design assistance with our 3D CAD capability. This was a six-month project and everything was fabricated in our Livonia fab shop. more

Ford Motor Company

W.J. O’Neil Company provided necessary material, fabrication, and field installation for the paint department for the Ford Assembly Plant in Mexico. The project involved an extensive reworking of the existing paint circulating systems. Fabrication was done in our Michigan fab shop. Our WJO Mexican operation ensured that this project stayed on budget and was delivered on time. more

Motor City Casino

W.J. O’Neil Company was the mechanical contractor for the 2007 expansion of the 400-room, 33-suite hotel/casino. We were responsible for all the plumbing, HVAC and temperature control work in the 17-story building. more


W.J. O’Neil Company installed approximately 170,000 feet of stainless steel and carbon steel piping materials 30” diameter and smaller. We also handled equipment setting, fabrication/installation of piping systems, grouting, miscellaneous iron, insulation, heat tracing, painting, identification, flushing and testing for a complete mechanical installation. more

U-M Cardiovascular Center

W.J. O’Neil Company installed thousands of feet of medical gas piping, hundreds of plumbing fixtures and a new mechanical room. The project was schedule driven and we played a large part in making the schedule successful. more

McNamara Federal Building

For over 15 years, W.J. O’Neil Company has provided mechanical service to this large federal building in downtown Detroit. The WJO Controls Group has also installed and maintained the latest control devices to ensure the building performs at maximum efficiency. As the building has been renovated, WJO has been a valued partner in a variety of mechanical projects. more

Twelve Oaks Mall

The WJO Controls group installed all the controls in the new wing of this very large mall in Novi, Michigan and upgraded the BMS backbone to fiber optics. We also installed web servers and host PC in all wings. more

Wayne State University

W.J. O’Neil Company has a long history of providing mechanical service and construction service on buildings of Wayne State University campus. On projects in numerous buildings, our work has included: installing steam piping, cooling towers, chilled water piping, air handlers, gas lines, gas piping, chiller installation, heating coils, and miscellaneous mechanical work. more