Ford Motor Company

W.J. O’Neil provided necessary material, fabrication, and field installation for the paint department for the Ford Assembly Plant in Mexico for the Fusion Vehicle Program.

The project involved an extensive reworking of the existing paint circulating systems. We had to accommodate the conversion of the existing two-tone spray booth to a No. 2 Enamel Spray Booth, and the extension of the existing basecoat paint systems to the prime interior color robots. Basecoat and Clear Coat Paint Circulating Systems were reworked around the spray booths and the basecoat systems were extended to the prime interior robot spray zone. New mini-systems, booth purge solvent collection systems and compressed air dryer and distribution systems were installed.

Fabrication was done in our Michigan fab shop and shipped to the plant in Mexico for installation. Our strong relationships with the Mexican trade groups and our WJO Mexican operation ensured that this project stayed on budget and was delivered on time.

Industry: Automotive

Scope: $4.5 Million